Adventures in the Busless City

Public Transport in British Cities is dominated by the single-entrance double deck bus operated by private companies who have almost complete autonomy to set fares, routes and stopping places. British Cities typically have less in the way of fixed transit systems than comparable European (or sometimes even North American) cities, and city Transport Authorities have little control over the way their bus networks operate (although the Bus Services Bill going through Parliament at the moment may change this) On 13 June 2016, drivers at the local bus operator in Leeds, First Leeds, went out on strike. First Leeds is the … Continue reading Adventures in the Busless City

All quiet?

Apologies for the lack of posts on here recently. After Ecobuild, I’d intended to write a report of the various interesting things I saw and heard about, but this is taking somewhat longer than expected to put together, and is now hopefully going to be in video form. I also have a number of reports in progress, namely: Retail-led regeneration in Bracknell, which is waiting on more information being published on sustainability strategy for the redevelopment Bus Rapid Transit in Birmingham, which is waiting on the Transport Authority to get back to me with answers to my questions and someone … Continue reading All quiet?

Future Cities conference – Part 1

On 4 February, The Leeds Social Sciences Institute at the University of Leeds hosted its “Future Cities” conference, bringing together a lot of the research being done on the idea of the Future City from around the University.

The programme covered a lot of ground in terms of projects and approaches, so I will be posting in several parts in order to try and do it justice.

The day began with Prof David Hogg, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Research and Innovation, who made the point that the research theme being showcased, “Cities, Sustainable Societies & Resilient Infrastructure” is cross-cutting and has representation across all the Faculties of the University.

Sir Alan Wilson (Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London) – Science and the Future of Cities

Alan introduced the UK Government’s Foresight Project “The Future of Cities“, which attempts to put together an evidence base for supporting decisions which will lead to a positive outcome for cities in the long term.

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